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Hybrid Forums are an excellent tool that provides unbiased opinions and facts from consumers and experts on different hybrid vehicles and technologies. Whether you’re searching for information on a specific hybrid vehicle, where to buy new car insurance, or looking for consumer reviews of any new or used hybrid car on the market, forums are a great place to start.

Car and auto forums vary in style, so some forums may have more useful information than others. For instance, Toyotanation.com allows its’ visitors to discuss all things Toyota. Consumers can chat about likes and dislikes of vehicles; ask questions, post links to news releases. So, if you own a Toyota hybrid and have questions, concerns or just want to see what others think of their vehicles, checking out this kind of forum site would be the place to start.

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Where can I find the best and most popular hybrid vehicle forums?

Other hybrid forums offer many more features and tend to be more on the interactive side. For example, greenhybrid.com allows hybrid owners to register what type of vehicle they have and continually log their mpg. Therefore, everyone can see what people driving the Ford Fusion hybrid are getting versus the Toyota Prius. You can post pictures of your precious vehicle and start your own forum topics for discussion. So, check out some of the awesome hybrid forums we’ve found for you and join the ones you like. Here are some summary tips of each website:

Green Hybrid, as previously discussed, allows you to post your hybrid photos, your mpg, and what you love about your vehicle. You can check what the hot topics are or even start your own discussion forum on the site. It’s very hands on and has plenty for everyone.

This site is primarily for members of the electric vehicle community and has all kinds of great information. From learning how to get a state tax credit for driving an electric vehicle, to new concept designs, even the pros and cons of different types of alternative fuels are discussed. It’s not quite as individualized as other sites, but it has tons of great facts and information.

Also discussed earlier, Toyota nation talks about all things Toyota and breaks the forums apart by model. In addition, you can search classifieds for pre-owned Toyota hybrids that are being sold.

Hybrid cars is a wonderful site for consumers looking to check out the specs and compare different vehicles. If you’re trying to decide what your next vehicle will be, this site has some great factual, unbiased information about all the hybrid vehicles currently on the market.

This site talks about all things hybrid, from vehicles, to technology, to energy sources. You can compare facts on vehicles, read what other consumers like or dislike about their models, and check out forums that others have started on these topics.


Another Toyota fan site, this one really only talks about what its members want to discuss. Not much model comparison information here, just a straight forum run by its members.

Insight central primarily discusses Honda vehicles and news related to them. It doesn’t have much information in terms of what the mileage of features of the different Honda models are more news release type of information about new models and recently released ones.

Green car planet is forum where articles are posted by members and they can either turn into forums or they can simply be articles to check out. I will say that this site has much more information on luxury hybrid manufacturers than any of the other hybrid forums.


Clean mpg seems to have quite a large following and its members talk about a wide variety of hybrid topics from the obvious mpg per vehicle to energy technology to hybrid motorcycles.

The name says it all - a great place to chat about everything related to the Toyota Prius. This covers generation I, Gen II, and the ever popular 3rd generation Toyota Prius.

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